Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Laboratory Solution Revolution

Really pleased to finally be doing a mailer for the lauch of Labminds Revo system

Truly revolutionary technology - the ONLY system that fully automates laboratory solution prepration. In 10 years time  this will be how all standard lab solutions are made. The most amazing aspect of the technology is that it not only automates solutionprepration but in fact it  impacts so many laboratory management processes.... it interfaces with CIM, ordering, invoicing - even if you are buying expensive pre made solutions this technology will allow you to make these yourself just in time  with higher acuracy and reproducibility  at a fraction of the cost........ its a condept that many do not yet "get" becuase its so different? If you  are ahead of the curve get in touch and lets chat about it!

Be one of the first - others will follow!

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